YES!!! You Really Can Bypass Real Estate Agents and Go Direct to the Public…

YES!!! You Really Can Bypass Real Estate Agents and Go Direct to the Public… YES!!! You Really Can Bypass Real Estate Agents and Go Direct to the Public...

Get More Home Inspections by Going Direct to the Public

Get More Home Inspections by Going Direct to the Public Get More Home Inspections by Going Direct to the Public

Secure Your Clients Directly

Secure Your Clients Directly Secure Your Clients Directly


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Do You Want To Be A Multi-Inspector Shop?

The Home Inspection Marketing Center Coaches got together on Google Hangout and talked about why they moved from a one-man shop to multi-inspector firm. We also got into hiring home inspectors and how they felt about hiring their first one. We also had a complete discussion about bringing wives into … [Read More...]


What Are Your Home Inspection Clients Saying About You Online?

You need you manage your online reputation! Think online reputation management is only for the big dogs? You better think again! According to eMarketer 83% of consumers declare that online reviews influence their opinions about a particular company, and 8 of 10 of these people added that a … [Read More...]


Home Inspectors: Top 7 Ways to Delight and Engage Your Facebook Fans

You have a Facebook page. You have some fans. Nicely done. Now, like the smart business you are, you're looking for some proven ways to engage your followers so you can acquire more of them and make the most of your presence on Facebook. Engaging your fans is a critical piece to building and … [Read More...]


Social Media Mistakes Home Inspectors Make

Are You Making These Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes? Social media is a ripe ground for making connections, as well as for offending and creating enemies. Knowing what you shouldn’t do in relation to social media is almost as vital as understanding what you should be doing. Here are … [Read More...]

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Are You Making This Email Marketing Mistake?

Sending too many emails is the most common mistake that home inspectors make when it comes to email marketing. Your customers and referral sources do not want to get two or three emails a week.  Some inspectors send that many out in a day.  This can lead to having your target audience adding your … [Read More...]

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Struggling To Get Everything Done?

Making the best use of your time should be the goal of every home inspector who wants to be successful in the business. Effective time management allows you to accomplish more, have satisfied customers and a well run business. But if you're struggling with managing everything you have to deal … [Read More...]

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Establish Yourself As The “Go To Expert”!

When You Go "Direct To The Public" For Business, You Have To Get The Home Buyer To Choose You Over All Other Inspectors In Your Local Market. Note: Home buyers will choose you for their inspection once they are convinced that you are the "expert" that will protect them from getting stuck buying a … [Read More...]

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Are You Hungry?

Today, home inspectors are in what I call a "Hungry Market." They need more work. They need to attract more clients and they need to adapt to the changing economy and they need additional home inspector training to make that happen! I know that you are painfully aware that the real estate … [Read More...]

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Get More Business Directly From The Public By Engaging In “Online Local Domination!”

Home Inspection Marketing Aimed At Getting Business Directly From The Public Will Help You Fill Your Schedule! NOTE: While online local domination sounds rather ominous,  it's the exact home inspection marketing strategy you want for your firm in order to get more inspections directly from the … [Read More...]

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5 Deadly Home Inspection Marketing Mistakes Made On Inspector’s Websites…

An effective sales website is an essential home inspection marketing tool for any home inspector wanting to go direct to the public for business. But the majority of the home inspection sales websites I've reviewed over the last several years make 5 deadly home inspection marketing mistakes that … [Read More...]


Home Inspection Marketing Secrets Revealed… 3 Keys To Going Direct To The Public For Business!

3 Effective Online Home Inspection Marketing Strategies... Are you sick of sitting around and waiting for referrals from other professionals in the real estate business.  If you're like most inspectors I've talked too, the answer is yes! Most home inspectors want to control their own destiny and … [Read More...]

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Effective Home Inspection Marketing Allows You To Command Higher Inspection Fees!

Home Inspection Marketing Tip... Become the "Obvious Expert" In Your Local Market And Command Higher Prices! There are a number of way to demonstrate to your target market (home buyers) that you are the "expert" to select to protect them from buying a money pit; and one of my favorites is … [Read More...]

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Don’t Give Up, Home Inspection Marketing Is The Answer!

Effective Home Inspection Marketing Is The Key To Success! Recently I got this e-mail from a home inspector who had reached his limit.  It was really a cry for help! He wrote... "Ken, I would like to challenge you try to get inspections in my area (City, ST); I am on the verge of giving it … [Read More...]

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Home Inspection Marketing Truth:Experts Get Paid More, Whether Your A Doctor Or Home Inspector!

Home Inspection Marketing Fact:  Experts Get Paid More… So Turn Yourself Into The “Obvious Expert” In Your Marketplace And Make More Money! I’m not telling you anything new, but in the last couple of years, a lot of home inspectors have gone out of business.  However, there is still a lot of … [Read More...]

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Home Inspection Marketing Question: Is Facebook Just For Kids?

Home Inspection Marketing Answer: I want you to know that Facebook is not just for kids and it's an awesome home inspection marketing strategy, that when done correctly, you can use book a ton of home inspections (we do!). In previous posts I've shared with you that home buyers want to know if … [Read More...]