Establish Yourself As The “Go To Expert”!

home inspector trainingWhen You Go “Direct To The Public” For Business, You Have To Get The Home Buyer To Choose You Over All Other Inspectors In Your Local Market.

Note: Home buyers will choose you for their inspection once they are convinced that you are the “expert” that will protect them from getting stuck buying a ‘money pit.’

And done correctly, Article Marketing will definitely establish you as the go to expert in your local market.

Article marketing is one of the absolute best ways to put “Direct To The Public” marketing to work for your home inspection business.

What Is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is simply the writing of approximately 500word articles on a subject that is related to your business.

These content-rich articles are then published online through a variety of article submission sites.

How Does Article Marketing Work?

By strategically writing articles that are relevant to the products and services you offer and submitting the articles to online article submission sites, you will create a direct path to your website for anyone who does a search for information that relates to your business.

The resource box typically found at the bottom of the article is how readers find your company information and are directed to your website.

Article marketing is so simple that many inspectors overlook its power and effectiveness in establishing you as the go to expert in your local marketing area.

Remember that an article is not a sales pitch. It needs to be full of relevant information that is actually useful.

Once you write good articles that actually teach your prospects/customers something while establishing yourself as a “go-to expert” in the industry, you will need to get the articles published in a variety of places across the internet.

Ok, if you don’t know how to do the things mentioned in the article above, don’t worry.  At Home Inspection Marketing Center, we teach you how to do article marketing, give you topics to write about and share with you the places you need to submit your articles, so that you can book more inspections.

Don’t delay, Get Signed Up Today, so that you can establish yourself as the go to expert in you local market and book more inspections!

Effective Home Inspector Training Is Essential To Your Success!

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